Baby Massage

Inspirations Hair + Beauty Boutique are pleased to announce that they now offer Baby Massage.

This can be booked as a one-to-one or as a group session with our fully qualified therapist – Charlotte.

Baby Massage is something to do WITH your child.
It is a time to be together and get to know each other. Ultimately Baby Massage is an opportunity to share LOVE.
Giving love to your baby and receiving love back.

Benefits of Baby Massage for Babies

  • Helps baby to relax + aids with relief from wind, constipation, and stress hormones
  • Provide relief from cough, cold and teething pain
  • Aids with sleep + Aids digestion
  • Develops bonds from baby to parent + builds trust and security
  • Helps baby to express themselves. 80% of a baby’s communication is done through movementReleases the hormone oxytocin ‘happy or love hormone’ in the baby
  • Teaches baby about their body and be body aware as babies experience the world through touch
  • Improves the circulation within the body while encouraging the muscles and bones to strengthen
  • Removes toxins from the body through the lymphatic system

Benefits of Baby Massage for Parents

  • Gives you time to relax with your babyA time for you to play with your baby
  • Helps parents to bond with your baby
  • It can help you to plan your day either to get out of the house to attend the session or add Baby Massage to your baby’s routine
  • Produces the hormone oxytocin, the ‘happy or love hormone’ in you too!
  • Talking and singing to your baby during Baby Massage can help remove some inhibitions about playing with your child as some parents find this strange or difficult
  • Can help you feel more confident with your baby e.g., handling your baby or being able to help sooth them and read their signals.

Baby Massage gives parents the chance to communicate and get to know their baby well. This is extremely helpful for baby’s who have experienced challenges in their lives or may have additional needs.

Session information

Our sessions are for Babies 4 weeks – 10 months (pre crawling). All babies including premature babies and babies with additional needs are welcome. If you have any concerns, please check with your doctor first and ring to chat with our therapist.

We have a designated room for our baby massage sessions. For each session we all sit on the floor. If this could be difficult for you, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We use either Coconut Oil or Tropic Baby Oil as it lubricates the skin to reduce friction during the massage. Oil gives a smooth glide, and it is nourishing to the skin. The oils are ‘edible’ as babies put their hands and feet in their mouths.

We will need to do a skin patch test with the oils on your baby and you a minimum of 48 hours before the massage.

A Consultation & Consent Form will also need to be completed, signed, and returned to the salon a minimum of two working days before the massage.

We offer either individual or group session massage classes lasting 45 minutes.

The baby massage courses consist of:

Stage One – Basic massage course – lasting five weeks
Stage Two – Advanced massage course – lasting four weeks

Stage One

Week 1: Introduction to Baby Massage, legs & feet
Week 2: Stomach & recap areas learnt
Week 3: Chest & recap areas learnt
Week 4: Arms, hands, face & recap areas learnt
Week 5: Back & whole body

Stage Two

This advanced course is a chance to learn some more in-depth techniques (you must have completed Stage 1)

Week 1: Introduction to Advanced Baby Massage, legs & feet
Week 2: Stomach, chest & recap areas learnt
Week 3: Arms, hands, face & recap areas learnt
Week 4: Back & full body massage

Cost of Individual Sessions

For Babies – 4 weeks to 10 months old.

Baby & Therapist

Baby & Therapist

Single Sessions £27.50 per session 
5-week package sessions £22.00 per session 

Baby, Therapist & Parent

Baby, Therapist & Parent

Single Sessions £32.50 
5-week package session £27.50 per session
Additional Parent £10.50 per session


Cost of Group Sessions (2-3 babies)

For Babies – 4 weeks to 10 months old.

Baby, Therapist & Parent Group Sessions Stage 1

Baby, Therapist & Parent – Group Sessions
Stage 1

Single Sessions £22.00 per session
5-week package £18.00 per session
Additional Parent £10.50 per session

For babies – 4 weeks to 10 months old.

Baby, Therapist + Parents Group Sessions Stage 2

Baby, Therapist + Parents – Group Sessions

Stage 2 (Stage 1 must be completed first) – Each session is approximately 45 minutes.

Single Sessions  £22.00 per session 
4-week package session £22.00 per session 
Additional Parent £10.50 per session

For babies – 3 months to 10 months old.

Additional single or package sessions can be booked.

For parents with more than one new-born, please call to discuss pricing.

Additional single or package sessions can be booked.

For parents with more than one new-born, please call to discuss pricing.

For each course we start at the legs & feet as babies are used to having that area touched on a regular basis.

A handout will be provided each week with simple instructions and diagrams so you can continue to massage your baby at home.

You will need to remove babies clothing depending on the area being massaged. Please ensure you bring the necessary personal items to care for your own baby during the massage.

The room will be warm to accommodate the need for baby to be undressed.

For every Package session booked before February 2022 – Receive a free Hooded towel and mini coconut massage oil worth £10.00

If you have any questions, please talk to our therapist on the phone or in the salon (if you would like to come into the salon for a chat, please call ahead so we can find a convenient time)

It is not possible to carry out baby massage within 48 hours of any immunisation. If baby is unwell or has been immunised and you cannot attend your booked appointment, we shall rearrange a mutually suitable future appointment.

History of baby Massage

Baby Massage has been used across the Eastern world for over 3000 years. It has been classed as a complementary therapy since it was brought to the Western world in the 1970’s. The most well-known figures in baby massage are Vimala McClure and Peter Walker. 

Many studies have been done on the impact and effect of Baby Massage. In 2014 Feldman, Rosenthal & Eidelman; looked at the effects of Baby Massage and concluded that is helps:

  • Parents to tune into their baby
  • Communicate love and security
  • Read their baby’s cues
  • Bond with their baby
  • Infants start to understand action and reaction
  • Foundation for empathy
  • Activates the serve and return wiring in the brain, providing the basis of healthy brain architecture 
  • Life Long mental well-being, empathy emotional regulations and cognitive skills.

Baby Massage uses the largest organ in the body the skin, it also uses the first sense to develop in a baby; ‘primal touch.’  Powerful emotions can be communicated through touch. Baby Massage is classed as positive, caring, gentle physical contact. It helps baby to feel secure and valued. This positive attention with eye contact, songs and parents responding to their baby’s cues, helps babies to build a value sense of self and a strong bond with their parent.


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